It All Started With A Cold Sore

Yesterday, I was given the opportunity to explain (for the first time) why and how I started using Young Living Essential Oils. I wanted to share it here also. Talk about #noshame. Ready? Here it goes…

I am prone to getting very large cold sores when one of the following things happen: I’m stressed to the max, sleep-deprived, sick with a fever or SUPER sunburned. For me, they pop up in the same spot every. single. time. (to the right of my face on and directly above my upper lip) Naturally, that part of my lip/face is extremely sensitive now because of all the scar tissue on top of scar tissue. What bothered me the most was the amount of time each one took to clear up, even with medication it took WEEKS!

In June 2016, I got a terrible sunburn while away on vacation. The first day or two my lip had blown up so much I look like I had been injected with crazy amounts of collagen. Instead of pouting while in pain, I decided to research other remedies since my usual prescription medication just wasn’t doing it for me. I came across LOADS of sites, blogs and recipes about using Essential Oils for relief, treatment and even for scarring. At the time I knew nothing about oils and their many beneficial properties. I just knew that if I was going to try any of the remedies I read about then I needed to find a brand that made 100% pure, therapeutic-grade oils. I got in touch with the only person I knew at the time that had been using Essential Oils—Lindsey! She had been posting pictures of her diffuser and telling people stories about how EO’s have helped her mentally, emotionally, physically and internally. She sent me to the Young Living website and after exploring I was so pleased with Gary Young, Young Living as a company, their practices, processes and the other EO users who were featured on their website. I was ready to give them a try and crush the duration of this annoying infection.

I applied Geranium, Tea Tree and Thieves with witch hazel and pure aloe vera twice a day. The infection AND scab were gone in 2 days. TWO DAYS! I then started using Frankincense for the scar that was bright red and super tender and stretched across my right nostril down to my lip. (Sounds pretty, right?) My scar went away about 90% in 3 days (unlike that Mederma that takes weeks- tried it before, hated it.. made me crusty wherever I put it) MORAL of the story, I experimented for the first time with 4 Essential Oils applied topically in 5 days and had better results than anything else I have ever tried. I am hooked and my goal now is to spread the oily love!


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