YL Promos for September

Summer is almost over and Fall is RIGHT around the corner! Even though we have mixed feelings about saying goodbye to the warm sunny days, we sure do love crackling bonfires and pumpkins! (including but not limited to Pumpkin Spice everything.) With that being said– The promos for this month are crazy-awesome (because we love our ER members OR you missed out on your chance last month) we are giving away ANOTHER Aria diffuser this month!

If you are a new member and you’re interested in ordering more oils after falling in love with your Premium Starter Kit, we strongly encourage you to get in on the FREE rewards program called Essential Rewards. You will get points to spend as cash for every purchase and YL has recently rolled out the most amazing changes! You now receive free oils just for being a member, a gift every three months AND after three months into your membership you’ll start earning 20% back!!! WHAT? YES! It’s so amazing. Members can join ER by simply logging into your virtual office , clicking on Essential Rewards and walking through the steps.


This is our gift to you!

+Essential Rewards Exclusive: Oregano!! Anyone remember the Wellness Bomb? Now you can make your own with everything you have from your kit plus Oregano that you got FO FREE! All you need is Tea Tree!

It seriously keeps getting better. Pictured below are the other Promos for September.


These are 100% free items that you get for placing a single order that meets the criteria per each promotion.

Here’s a little more about the products:

+ FREE Ortho Sport (at 300 PV): We love this massage oil for sore muscles after working out. Works like a natural icy hot and smells so yummy. In the Winter you can put some on your feet before bed to keep those tootsies warm!

+ 5 mL Northern Lights Black Spruce (at 300 + 250 PV) This is one of our absolute favorite oils! What a heavenly scent! It’s woodsy scent is great to mix with Lavender and Cedarwood but diffusing it by itself is just as satisfying. It’s also an ingredient used to make a very sexy-smelling roller ball cologne for your man!

+ 15 mL Wintergreen (190, 250 + 300 PV): Add to your favorite body lotion for tired sore muscles.

+ 5 mL Panaway (190, 250 + 300 PV): Panaway is one of the oils that come in the PSK. If you were to buy a 5mL bottle without this promo it would be around $45 so why not stock up on other oils and get another one for free!  This oil is great for anyone who is active, or super tense- just rub on your neck at the end of a long day to help alleviate any “head tension.” I usually put it on my feet and lower back. It’s a great oil to have on hand. Add a few drops to epsom salts for a super relaxing bath.

Last but certainly not least:

Thieves Laundry Soap. Holy Cow. I have never loved a laundry soap so much nor have I ever had my clothes smell so good!! It’s light citrus scent smells heavenly. It will leave your clothes fresh and clean without ANY chemicals OR synthetic residues. (Ashley loves that it doesn’t irritate her skin like the name brand detergents do.)  It washes approximately 64 loads & pairs so well with DIY woolen dryer balls to make your laundry sessions chemical free.
YL is also giving Thieves Laundry soap to any current members who get 3 people signed-up with a PSK this month!!! You’ll also get entered in a contest to win a brand new washer & dryer!!

HOW EXCITING?!?! I can hardly contain myself and I had to share all the oily-goodness! Contact us if you want to become a member!

xoxo, L.

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