A+ for PPlus!

Hey there, Ashley here! If you’ve read my testimony then you’re aware that my journey with Young Living started roughly 4 months ago. When I tell people how “hooked” I am on their products, I’m 150% NOT joking.

Ladies, listen up! You need to get your hands on a bottle of  Progressence Plus Essential Oil Blend. Period. This product is designed specifically for women. The description on the YL product information page reads that it’s ideal for women over 30, however, I’m a fairly active 27 year old who has always had issues with my monthly cycle since the day my cycle first started at age 13. You may be hesitant to believe my story but if you take the time to read what a few other women shared on my instagram post, then you will see I’m not the only one with an amazing story. I am so very grateful for this product and the relief it’s given me was long over-due.

As I previously stated, I was 13 when I started my (::cringe::) period…for the first time. It was supposed to be a “celebration of me becoming a woman” but instead I was completely distraught. I didn’t want my period!? I don’t care how “prepared” for it I was!! It ruined my 6th grade Spring Break! My mother had explained the gory details, given me books, showed me what products to get and how to use them. She was a huge help and never lost her excitement for me-considering I thought I was dying and would never see the 7th grade. Every day that passed after “the first day” I was ready for it to end and the typical 28-day break from Aunt Flo to begin. After the 12th day of STILL being on my first-ever menstruation cycle I had a feeling I was going to hate that time of month for the rest of my life. Throughout middle school and high school I experienced all the miserable, period-related, embarrassments you only hear about. I will spare you the gory details. Let’s just say I tied many jackets around my waist during school hours and washed a lot of sheets & mattress pads immediately after waking up. :/

By the time I was 19 and in college, I started taking birth-control to help with severe cramps, bloating, duration and irregularity. I’d even had cancerous cells scraped from my cervix. (FYI that is NOT an enjoyable experience!) After 5 years of taking 5 different kinds of birth control because nothing seemed to help me, I took it upon myself to stay off prescription birth control. I used protection when I was sexually active and whatever happened in terms of my monthly period, I dealt with it. Unfortunately, things kept getting worse. I was pretty much against the idea of going to another doctor JUST to be put on another prescription.

Two months ago, I was told my symptoms were identical to someone suffering from endometriosis, which occurs when tissue similar to the lining of the uterus is found outside the uterus on other parts of the body. I was already an avid Young Living member and Essential Oil user so I started looking up oil-alternatives to use and asking around. I was told by another YL member that Progressence Plus was the way to go so I immediately ordered it. I have now been using it for almost two months and last month’s period was the BEST it has EVER been in 14 years!  Not only were my hormones a lot more stable, I had my first “normal” 5 day period and I never bled through anything! Even my fiancé could tell a difference in my mood and noticed I wasn’t the least bit miserable for the first time since he’s known me.

If you have any questions about any of the oils we talk about on the blog, let us know and we’ll answer them. We’re all family here and since I have DEFINITELY been sharing my deepest darkest truths you should feel comfortable asking us anything! 🙂

xo, a very happy Ashley.




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