Sorry I LImED!

“LIME-EO, LIME-EO, Where for art thou LIME-EO?” -Ashley

Occasionally my fiancé likes having a Vodka & Tonic but ONLY if there is Rose’s Sweetened Lime Juice around….yeah, fake lime juice- that’s what I call it. ::insert thumbs down:: The other night I was making us each a cocktail. He didn’t have a taste for wine or Bourbon and he asked for a Vodka & Tonic. Of course I knew to include a generous splash of Rose’s Lime Juice on top. Instead, I suddenly got the urge to tryyyy something new….Call me sneaky but I considered it an experiment.
I keep my bottle of Lime essential oil around the kitchen for cooking and diffusing in the living room so I wanted to give it a try in My Love’s favorite drink. I decided to 86 the Rose’s and use three drops of Lime Essential Oil. I stirred the drink with a stainless straw, handed it over to him, he took a sip and leaned back in his seat. Nothing seemed  unusual to him, he didn’t make a face or look at me like I ruined our cocktail hour. I make myself a beverage and hurried over to the couch to observe. I am absolutely terrible at “playing it cool” so when I joined him in the living room I kept my eye on the TV but I could see him out of my peripherals as he enjoyed his Essential-Oil Infused Libation. hehehe!

Once I finished my drink and headed back to the kitchen he asked if he could have another one. Now keep in mind, this is before I told him about my experiment…and that he was the guinea pig. I was giggling uncontrollably and had to let the cat out of the bag. He didn’t believe me that I used only Lime Essential Oil and was ready to taste his second drink to compare. He takes the first sip…. smiles, then sits back and says “I can’t believe this is so good!” He proceeded to search Lime Essential Oil on Young Living’s website and found other wonderful uses for the oil. He was most impressed when I explained their processes and how many limes it took to make our ONE 15mL bottle of oil!

Click here to learn more about Young Living’s Seed to Seal Promise. It’s what sold me on using these oils over any other brand I looked into!

+ I have added this link here to explain just a few of the many ways you can use Lime but also for some delicious drink recipes! (just in case my story made you a wee-bit thirsty!)

xo, Ashley 

aria  diffuser with essential oils

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