About Us


Our friendship has truly blossomed over the last 10 years. We grew up in the same small town right outside of Nashville, TN. After college, we jumped right into the real world and got ourselves “big-girl” jobs. Lindsey was working in a laboratory at a prestigious Science corporation and Ashley was a sales rep for a Fortune-500 company. After a number of years, neither of us were completely convinced we had followed our hearts when we originally set out on our chosen career paths.

Lindsey’s journey with Young Living Essential Oils started in 2015. She fell in love with the company and their products and dreamed of joining the business side of YL full-time. At the time life made that a little difficult because she had recently accepted a new position with another company.  On top of a new job, she had been planning her wedding for the following year but never once did she let go of her YLEO dream. She had also decided to go back to school to accomplish another dream, a degree in Psychology. In her spare time she worked diligently to gain more knowledge about essential oils while continuously sharing her oil-testimony with friends and family but never once giving up hope that one day her dream could become her reality.

Life’s experiences landed Ashley a management position in the Hospitality and Service Industry where she worked for Nashville’s most elite restaurant group. During those five years she found her Mr.Right and fell in love. They now live happily in New Jersey. It wasn’t until June of 2016 when Ashley felt inspired to start looking for an alternative to the prescription medication she used to treat her painful cold-sores. (so glamorous, right?) She read page after page online and all of the remedies listed Essential Oils as the best way to treat symptoms, duration and even scarring. She contacted the only person she knew that had been sharing anything about Essential Oils, Lindsey.

Once we started sharing our YLEO love with one another it was obvious– We became friends 10 years ago for a reason and that lasting friendship as well as our personal journeys have led us to this moment. We knew our mutual love for Young Living Essential Oils, entrepreneurial spirits, and combined creativity meant that we needed to team up and start working toward building a YL business together. We intend on sharing our stories with the world even though we’re living in different parts of the country. That’s
how we came up with… “miles apart, oils at heart”.

-Ashley & Lindsey